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Peak dental hygiene is easy to maintain if you know what you’re doing. At DIA Dental Implant Centers in San Antonio, our goal is to help you when you’ve failed to maintain your dental health optimal. Since you haven’t been diligent with your oral hygiene, you’ve developed a variety of dental problems, and now you’re missing one or more teeth. What now?

The answer is simple – dental implants. And there’s no better center where you’ll get some of the best implants in the practice than ours. If you’re missing one tooth or many, you need some high-quality implants right now for a variety of benefits, including:

Improved oral hygiene

A missing tooth means a gap between two other teeth. That gap will serve as a breeding ground for bacteria because it will allow for the accumulation of food residues. Just brushing your teeth won’t remove them, since they might end up in awkward angles, where the toothbrush won’t reach.

When that happens, the bacteria forming in those gaps will soon affect the rest of the teeth. This will gradually lead to gum disease and cavities in the long run. One missing tooth will quickly lead to more missing teeth. Our implants will prevent that.

Better chewing

People who have missing teeth have problems chewing certain foods. Not chewing your food correctly means your digestive system will take the hit. Indigestion is not uncommon in people with teeth problems, which is why you need to solve the problem fast.

We’re using state-of-the-art dental implants (NEODENT, Nobel Biocare), which are leading brands in the business. It means you’ll get top quality products, high-end services, everything at affordable prices, with significant cuts if you act now.

Avoiding misalignment and restoring your esthetics

When one tooth is missing, the rest of the teeth will gradually shift in the direction of the least resistance. This will quickly cause misalignment, which translates in pain, poor eating abilities, and distorted esthetics. When multiple teeth are gone, the effect will be even worse.

People usually try to treat their misalignments, not get them. If you want to stay away from these types of problems, you need to come to our office for an immediate investigation. Our specialists will analyze your situation, and decide the proper course of action.

A more beautiful smile and a younger face

When teeth are missing, the skin and the muscles in the face tend to go inwards, to fill in the gaps. This will cause wrinkles to appear, leading to premature aging in the long run. The fastest, safest way towards a natural smile is to replace those teeth as soon as possible.

Our dental implants will fit right in. They are top-quality, highly durable, and will rejuvenate your smile instantly. If you stick to impeccable oral hygiene, they will last for a lifetime, preserving your looks and your oral health.

If you need top implants, contact us, at DIA Dental Implant Centers in San Antonio, and we’ll set you for an investigation. Call us to discuss your options, the insurance coverage, and your expectations, and we’re good to go!

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