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At DIA Dental Implant Center, we understand how important it is to have a complete set of teeth. Patients that need a complete set of dentures, however, do not intend to remove their teeth can settle for non-removable implant dentures. Our experienced dentists will handle every step involved in the procedure. The dentures will help restore the lost glory of your teeth.

What are Fixed Implant Dentures?

Patients can lose their teeth due to gum disease, decay, or other dental issues. Dentures are artificial teeth that are used to replace lost or missing teeth. The dentures are fixed into the mouth using special adhesives. This ensures that the dentures do not shift or become loose. Provided the procedure is carried out properly, the dentures will serve you for an extended period.

Reliable Provider of Implant Dentures in San Antonio, TX,

At DIA Dental Implant Center, we work with a team of well-experienced, qualified dentists. Our dental professionals have undergone professional, comprehensive training on how to fix the dentures.  We make use of state-of-the-art dental instruments and innovative techniques to attach the dentures. With this, the implants will become firm and more secure.

Our compassionate and kind dentists will make you feel relaxed and comfortable during the procedure. We will apply anesthetic to eliminate pain and provide relief. Our team will place biocompatible titanium screws into your jawbone. We will give the bone and implants a couple of weeks to bond together, thus, forming a strong foundation for the dentures.

Adequate adjustments and modification will be made to ensure that the implants fit you flawlessly. Our experts will also offer you professional tips and instructions on how to care for your new dentures. With this, you can be confident that the new implants will serve you for an extended period.

What are the Benefits of Implant Dentures?

Some of the benefits of getting dentures include:

Stable and Firm: Dentures are stable and firm. They form a strong bond with your jaws. You do not have worry about your dentures slipping out falling out when you talk, chew, or bite.

Easy to Clean: Cleaning and maintaining dentures is very easy. The implants can be cleaned the same way you clean your normal teeth. No need for special cleaning techniques, dissolvable cleaning tabs, or denture cups.

Restore Your Confidence: Dentures offers you the opportunity to enjoy a complete set of teeth more naturally without anxiety or self-consciousness. Through this, your self-confidence and assurance are restored.

Improve Your Appearance: The procedure helps in correcting teeth issues. With this, you will get back your brilliant and attractive smile.

Choose Us For Your Implant Dentures in San Antonio TX

Do you have missing, decayed, or damaged teeth? Contact us today at DIA Dental Implant Center to know more about our services. Our implants will help restore the form and function of your teeth. Our services are affordable, well-detailed and can be tailored to your budget and needs. Our expert dentists will be available to speak with you and determine implant denture are right for you. An amazing experience awaits you.

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