Foods That Naturally Whiten Teeth

REGULAR BRUSHING AND FLOSSING remain your best protection against tooth decay and gum disease. However, there are some tooth-friendly foods out there that will help you maintain a bright, healthy smile and even naturally whiten your teeth! Here are some foods that help whiten your teeth. Fruits And Veggies Fruits such as apples and strawberries contain malic acid which removes … Read more

Our Hidden Superpower: Smiling!

SMILING AT SOMEONE CAN turn their whole day around. But have you ever thought about the impact the act of smiling has on YOU? Smiling is a hidden superpower that can change our lives for the better if we let it! Smiling Has Numerous Health Benefits Did you know that frequent smiling can actually make us … Read more

Smart Snacking Helps You Keep That Beautiful Smile

DOES FREQUENT SNACKING PRESENT PROBLEMS FOR OUR TEETH? Well, it depends. Every time we eat, our mouths go to work cleaning things up and restoring “balance”. Having three meals a day is one thing. But when we continuously snack, our mouths struggle more to maintain that clean, happy balance—especially when we’re eating the wrong kinds of … Read more

Removing The Fear Of Showing Your Teeth When You Smile

SHOWING YOUR TEETH WHEN YOU SMILE makes a huge difference in your confidence and appearance. Beautiful teeth make us all feel more approachable, better prepared, accepting of others, younger, and more attractive. Studies even show that 70% of people believe that a beautiful smile can make someone more attractive than does wearing makeup! As We Age, Our Smiles Lose Their Luster … Read more

Dental Implant Centers Now in Austin and San Antonio

Visit any of our Dental Implant offices We all want that dazzling smile that leaves people impressed. After all, a beautiful smile is one of the most attractive assets you can own. We dont need this to be a researched fact – a great smile allows you to feel confident. There are several DIA Dental … Read more