Can Dental Implants Be Affordable?

If you have missing permanent teeth and have researched your options, you’ve probably got your heart set on dental implants. This multi-phase procedure can help you replace your missing teeth with a stable, long-lasting, and highly aesthetic three-part device that mimics the root-and-crown composition of a natural tooth. Dental implant secured full arch prosthetics offer patients who thought they would have to wear removable dentures for the rest of their lives an ideal alternative. Unfortunately, the hefty price tag often deters potential implant candidates from pursuing this option. However, when you consider a number of other factors, dental implants may actually be a better value than traditional dentures, partials, and bridgework. During their initial consultations, a DIA doctor discusses factors that impact dental implant cost for our San Antonio patients and provides real solutions for affording the dental care they need.

Factors That Impact the Cost of Dental Implant

All DIA dentists have received extensive training in all aspects of dental implants and he has performed thousands of dental implant procedures. The primary factors that drive the cost of implants include:

  • Time. Simply put, an enormous amount of time is required to plan and execute the dental implant procedure successfully. DIA uses a number of diagnostic and imaging tools, including CT scan, to accurately plan where, how deep, and at what angle an implant is placed. Dental implant surgery itself is a time-consuming procedure and requires the services of an anesthesiologist and assisting staff. In addition, The periodontist needs adequate time to design your dental prosthetic, whether a dental crown or a zirconia bridge, so that it satisfies your smile goals and functions flawlessly.
  • Materials. There’s no way around it: quality dental materials are expensive. Yes, we could go with a cheaper dental lab to create our dental crowns and bridges or we could go with budget implant and abutment suppliers, but the poor quality wouldn’t be worth it in the long run. Rather than face poor aesthetics and a higher risk of implant failure, DIA Dental Implant Center believes quality materials result in better implants. We use the highest quality implants and abutments.

What Does Affordable Mean to You?

When considering a recommended dental treatment plan, the first words out of your mouth are probably, “How much will this cost?” If you look only at upfront cost – which, for a single crown dental implant can average around $4000 and for a full dental bridge around $6500 for a single arch – dental implants are more expensive than dentures and bridges. However, when you look at return on investment and long term costs, dental implants do provide the better value. Consider:

  • Dental implants provide the highest levels of performance, chewing ability, stability, and esthetics available.
  • Dentures must be replaced every three to eight years. Dental bridges, depending on the type, might need replacing every four to fifteen years. Dental implants, if cared for properly, will never need replacing.
  • Unlike dentures, dental implants do not require the need for special cleaning solutions, brushes, adhesives, and periodic relining fees.
  • Dental bridges require the removal of healthy tooth structure on the abutment teeth. This can result in an increased risk of decay and the need for invasive restorative treatment later on.

Helping You Cover the Costs of Dental Care

We perform all phases of the dental implant procedure in house, which saves our patients valuable time and keeps costs down. Although dental insurance generally does not cover dental implants, at DIA Dental Implant Center, we provide flexible financing options to help you cover the cost of this procedure.

Learn More About Dental Implant Cost

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