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We all want that dazzling smile that leaves people impressed. After all, a beautiful smile is one of the most attractive assets you can own. We dont need this to be a researched fact – a great smile allows you to feel confident. There are several DIA Dental Implant Centers in Austin and San Antonio – call (210) 753-4049 to see which DIA Dental Implant is near your

Dentistry is now not just limited to fillings, root canal treatment, or, God forbid, tooth extraction. Your dentist probably does other basic dentistry; cleaning, invisign and taking xrays. If you don’t have a perfect smile or missing teeth – these essential dentistry services will not help you fix your smile.

Having a qualified dental implant orthodontist dentist is imperative if you want to have dental implants done right. The good news is that you can now afford cosmetic dental implants at a reasonable price compared to what the prices were initially.

How does dental implants work?


Generally, a good cosmetic dentist will listen to what it is that you wish to change about your smile and teeth. It is always advisable to carry photographs of how you looked before and how you would like to look post treatment. He will carry out a thorough examination of your teeth and oral health to have a comprehensive understanding and then recommend the treatment and the costs involved and then come up with a plan of action.

There are several Dental Implant Centers in Austin and San Antonio with the latest techniques and practices to dazzle up your smile without burning a big hole in your pocket. With our Dental offices in San Antonio and Austin staffed with dentist who qualified when it comes to practicing their profession.


San Antonio

Dia Dental Implant Center – San Antonio
#148, 7th Floor, 110 E Houston St
San Antonio, TX, 78205

(management offices only)

1. San Antonio DIA Dental Implant Center has a team of dedicated dentists who passionately work hard to give you the best smile that they can. They use techniques that are affordable, comfortable and long-lasting. Their treatment is enjoyable and economical as well. We have an amiable staff and will be greeted with a smile. From the first initial walk into the post treatment – we ensure you are very well treated as a patient. We see to it that all your questions are answered. Call us if you have any questions or need to make an appointment


Austin Dental Implant Center
4010 Sandy Brook Dr #204
Round Rock, Tx 78665

2. Our Round Rock Location is for our North Austin Patients. This office is the elite dental practice for all in 4 and dental implants. We take most types of insurance – call us to ensure we can make your insurance plan. At this location, we have skilled and experienced cosmetic dentists in one office. We create the perfect smile for you so that you can feel confident and secure. Each patient is different – so we ensure that each patient has personal care, leaving you with amazing teeth! They don’t keep you waiting like so many other dental offices. We will offer a free consultation to ensure you are the perfect patient for dental implants.


NorthEast San Antonio

Northeast San Antonio DIA Dental Implant Center – NE SA
11515 Toepperwein Rd #102
Life Oak, Tx 78233

3. NorthEast San Antonio office – for our North San Antonio patients. This office, like all our other offices we have specific office hours. So call before heading over to our office without an appointment. Call for a Free Dental Implant Consultation and to ensure we take your insurance. We offer dental implants and other dental procedures. We take our patients very seriously and ensure that they have a comfortable experience and results that they love and appreciate. If you are not confident with your smile – please see us – we would like to help you.

All our dental implant office offer comfort and the full range of Dental services


Most of our offices have already received a lot of 5 stars reviews. We continue to strive to ensure you are relaxed and have a great experience in any of our offices. All our positive Dental reviews prove that all of our dental offices provide our patients with top-notch, experienced dentists that use state-of-the-art technology and most recent dental practices to offer tailor dental treatments for every patient. All of our dentists strive to keep you smiling with the perfect pearly whites.

All of our offices have a fully staffed front desk to answer any questions you may have when you call us. If you would like to know if you qualify for dental implants – call any of our offices for an appointment. Give your insurance information to the front desk to see if we accept that insurance plan. If we don’t take the insurance – there are many other ways you can pay for dental implants. Many of the companies we have partnered with – offer easy payment plans that make having a smile affordable.

All of our offices are set up to make you feel comfortable and relaxed. We have designed them to allow you feel at ease. All of our dentists are dedicated, professional and pleasant people who take their patients seriously and are not afraid to point out specific flaws in your teeth that your previous dentists may have skipped.

All of our Austin and San Antonio offices offer a warm and welcoming environment for our patients that visit. We also provide a healthy and open conversation between the doctors and patients so that the dentists can explain in detail the issues with their respective patients’ teeth and ensure that there are no doubts about what the patients are expecting and what they will be getting once their treatment is completed. Our professional dentist provides you understand the full scope of the procedure and recover. The patients have been more than happy with their results.

The Cosmetic Dentists of Austin and San Antonio know how significant the experience of the patient is and treat every patient like a family member. Right from the start, the patients feel that they are in professional hands. They not only leave you with the beautiful smile that you always wanted but with a radiant smile that catches on to those around you.