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How can DIA Dental Implant Center offer $500 off dental implant treatment?

Dr. Holtzclaw has successfully placed over 8,000 dental implants with many of these procedures being extremely advanced. DIA Dental Implant leading Periodontist – Dr. Dan Holtzclaw has placed more dental implants than other periodontists in the state of Texas. Dr. Dan Holtzclaw is involved with dental implants companies as being the Editor-In-Chief of one of the world’s largest dental implant journals. His high volume of dental implant placement combined with in-depth skills has allows Dr. Holtzclaw to get implant discounts that most other normal dentists simply cannot get.

According to – Dr. Holtzclaw is the most trusted dental implants periodontist and TOP RATED DENTIST with the most trusted patient reviews.

Are these knock-off or low-quality dental implant procedures? NO!

Dr. Holtzclaw only places high-quality NEODENT and Nobel Biocare for Dental Implants. These brands have been rated as the best in the industry – consistently.

Are you concerned with Dental Implants cost as a patient

Cost is always a factor with our patients when it comes to dental implants. You need to be careful because some ads can be very misleading when looking at advertisements or specials for dental implants. Remember – If it’s too good to be true – your getting ripped off.

How distinguished is your Periodontist

Dr. Dan Holtzclaw is the Editor-In-Chief of the Journal of Implant & Advanced Clinical Dentistry. This is a publication that is has a worldwide readership of over 100,000 dentists. Dr. Holtzclaw is one of the most experienced dental implant surgeons in the state of Texas. Here is an explanation of why the real costs of dental implants and things that you should consider when selecting a dentist or periodontist to place and restore your dental implants.

When Looking at Dental Implant Costs here are some things to consider:

Training of the Dentist

Did the periodontist or implant dentist train at the weekend continuing education or learn how to place dental implants from a course residency program? Dr. Holtzclaw had received upwards of 20,000 hours of continuous training specifically devoted dental implants and surgery. This is compared to an average of 25 hours dentist spends learning at the weekend continuing education classes.

How Experience should a Dentist be?

How much experience does the dentist have with dental implants?

Over 8,000 dental implants have been performed by Dr. Holtzclaw. THese were successfully procedures with many that involved extremely advanced techniques. Dr. Holtzclaw has published more than 52 articles on dental implant surgery in peer-reviewed dental journals and served as the Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Implant and Advanced Clinical Dentistry. Dr. Holtzclaw speaks about dental implants all over the world have. He has lectured and participated in over 152 main lectures in Korea, Canada, Italy, Japan, USA, and India.


Top Brands used for Dental Implants


Dr. Holtzclaw – Editor in Chief of one of the world’s largest dental journals – has experience with nearly all the dental implant companies. He has found that the most respected brands are the Mercedes of dental implants. Also now the world’s largest and oldest brand called Nobel Biocare and NeoDent. There are various degrees of quality in cars; there are also many dental implant brands with varying degrees of quality. Dr. Holtzclaw believes that Nobel Biocare and NeoDent are considered the Mercedes and Porsches of dental implants regarding quality, performance, and prestige.

On the international level, Dr. Holtzclaw has lectured for Nobel Biocare and NeoDent. Most leading Periodontist or dentists use dental implants that are simply known for being the cheapest on the market. Is your periodontist using a high-quality brand or a low-quality brand implant? Which would you want in your mouth? (Nobel Biocare is a registered Trademark of Nobel Biocare, Yorba Linda California).


All Inclusive is a consideration for Dental Implant Cost


To get patients in the office – Many other dentists will have coupons or discounts advertised – yet be very inexpensive dental implants – to have the illusion of high-quality work. Have you been nickeled and dimed – this is done once you’re in the chair and dentist what to upgrade your procedure or add additional items. All these added fees add up. There are offices that will charge patients a “sterilization fee” for dental implant services. This should be standard inclusive and not be an ‘add-on’ When all is said and done, that “cheap” dental implant now becomes very expensive. Dr. Holtzclaw charges one all-inclusive fee for his dental implants that include all parts, pieces, and procedures.

When comparing dental implant providers, there is one choice that is clear. There is very little competition with Dr. Holtzclaw regarding dental implant experience. He has written for scientific publications; he has been a key-note speaker dental surgery lectures, recognized within the industry, heavily involved, and known for his quality of work. On top of this, his prices for dental implants are among the best!


What are the REAL Costs of Dental Implants?


Be warned that an ad or special advertising cheap dental implants often do not include the full cost of the complete dental implant procedure. There are multiple stages to a dental implant including surgical placement of the dental implant, uncovering the implant at a later date, this will also include attaching an abutment, and with the last step securing a crown firmly. The implant surgeon will typically place the dental implant for the first step of the procedure followed by another dentist who will then conduct the procedure of placing the crown or abutment. If you feel you have an additional question – please call our office.

Dentist offices pay for similar cost when it comes to dental implants when purchased them from a manufacturer. BE WARY – If someone is advertising extremely cheap dental implants – it’s too good to be true. Make sure your dentist is reputable and is a dental implant specialist with lots of experience and hours. The dentist should have one single clear cost for the implant surgery process – an all-inclusive cost with no add-ons. The dentist should be very clear and upfront about the cost. That “low cost” dental implant may end up costing you much more than you bargained for if you do not do your research.

The average cost of a single – tooth in a day – typically runs around $2,000 for the anesthesia, implant, surgery, and abutment. This course should vary slightly from office to office depending on the type of implant used by the surgeon. Like cars – some implants are Kias which are low quality and while others are Mercedes – high-quality dental implants and procedure.

The Mercedes or Higher quality implants cost more because the than knock-off implants do not cost as much. When calling and doing research – many dentists will have specials or discounts be sure to ask your office if they are running any discounts. Get all the cost from the office before making the appointment – Add up all of the charges. Best dentist office will give you a charge that is an all-inclusive fee for dental implants.


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