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At DIA Dental Implant Center, we can replace dentures, bridges, and gaps with permanent and beautiful dental implants – and create a life-changing difference in your everyday activities and social interactions. When your choice is for affordable, natural-looking implant dentistry you’ll not only get the winning smile you’ve always dreamed of, you’ll also regain the confidence to finally speak, eat, laugn, and smile freely. Dental implants permanently fix the unsightly and often uncomfortable trauma to teeth caused by disease, damage, decay, or the natural misalignment, shape and color of your teeth.

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With over 30,000 dental implants placed and more than 1,000 All-On-4™ style dental implant procedures completed, the board certified dental implant surgeons at DIA Dental Implant Center are some of the dental industry’s leading experts in this procedure. Dental implants provide the strongest, most durable method of replacing missing teeth currently available. These surgically implanted titanium posts can be used to support dental crowns, bridges, and even full sets of dentures. Implant-secured restorations offer dramatically improved stability, longevity, and esthetics compared to their traditional counterparts.

DIA Dental Implant Center performs dental implant surgery and restoration in office, providing our patients with a one-stop-shop experience that will save time and money

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The DIA Dental Implant Center Advantage

At DIA Dental Implant Center of San Antonio – our clinic is staffed by Board Certified Oral Surgeons and Board Certified Periodontists.  Additionally, all of the dentists at DIA Dental Implant Center San Antonio each served a minimum of 10 years in the military and have extensive experience treating everything from the simplest of dental procedures up to traumatic battle injuries they encountered with service members injured in the wars of Iraq and Afghanistan.  Again, who do you want treating your complex dental implant case… Board Certified Specialists with extensive training and experience in treating the most difficult real-world cases or lesser trained non-specialists that watched a few powerpoint presentations and “learned” how to do implants by placing them in plastic jaws in a hotel conference room?  Again, there is a clear choice in this answer.

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